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Collecting sample for soil testing

In addition to partnering with local and regional environmental groups, agencies, and municipalities to further habitat restoration efforts around Hempstead Harbor and Long Island Sound, CSHH created a pilot program that focused on improving habitat conditions through small-scale plantings in critical watershed areas. Through a grant from Patagonia in 2018, CSHH targeted properties in the Glenwood Landing subwatershed to encourage residents to reserve a portion of their properties for the installation of native plants.

Testing for soil compaction at one of the volunteer residential sites for the Patagonia Habitat Restoration Project in Glenwood Landing, Carol DiPaolo and Frank Piccininni

Plants and plantings were provided free of charge to participants. Over a two-year period, plantings were monitored, soil tests performed, and residents were provided with information on how their individual efforts could improve soil conditions, reduce stormwater runoff, and decrease pollutant loading to Hempstead Harbor. The program was completed in 2020 and the intent is to replicate the program 10 properties at a time.