Our Capital Campaign-we reached our $50,000 goal!

We thank all of our members and a special thank you
to those who joined our Honor Wall.

Honor Wall

Galvan Foundation

Blue Sunflower Foundation, Kay Bromberg, Karen and Serge Papasergiou, Marc and Stephanie Sobel, Elizabeth and Charlie Weinstein, Shelia and Marc Wenger, Weill Family Foundation

Jayne and Maurizio Ameri, Hank and Victoria Bjorkland, Sebastian Li, Melanie Melia and Michael Vitti, Cristina and Jeff Price, Peter Primont and Cindy Ash

Michelle Alexander, Corin and Nick Basilion, Dee Dee Brix, Carol DiPaolo, Epstein Family Foundation, Peter Furci, Sara Gould, Terry Glassman, Sara Jones and Allyson Weseley, K. Diresta Collective, Maryann Kraker, Skip and Beth LeBlang, Adam and Ali Levine, Kenneth and Patricia Lore, Andrea Macari, Elizabeth Milbank and Michael Sobel, Theresa Moschetta, David and Jana North, Arlene and Doug O’Dell, Pixellence, Inc., Printstars, Andre Saad, Lynda Schroeder and Jay Gould, Evan Sorett, Lisa and Sal Spina, Carol and Robert Vogt

Arthur Adelman, Diane Alexander, Ann and Dan DiPietro, Doug and Karin Barnaby, Paul Baserman, Chris Bentley, David and Enid Berger, Edward and Helen Berkun, Suzanne Bohn, Yvonne Brantuas, Lisa and Hal Cashman, Sandra Collins, Lynn and Dan Couture, Brenda Curtis, Ryan Dietrich, Leonard Dommin, Elizabeth Donlon, Michael Emanuele, Anthony Filorimo, Daniel Flanzig, Frieda & Isaac Charitable Foundation, Leslie and Alan Geurci, Judith Glazer, Nancy and Larry Gordon, Russell Gorog, Jeff Gruebel, Christopher and Meghan Hagedorn, William and Elaine Hallett, Tab and Maureen Hauser, Jean Henning, Hilary Himpler, Mary Houlihan, Stephanie Hunter, Sanjay Jain, Elaine Kanas, Barbara Karyo, Leonid and Alexander Kishkovsky, Andrew Kress, Brent and Kate Kunkle, Charles Lavine, Nancy and Bob Lynch, Marci Mainzer, Constantino and Celeste Marra, Anna and Bill Martakis, Kevin and Jane McGilloway, Michael McNamara, Irene McVeigh, David Miller, Maureen Murphy, Elaine Neice, Joanna and Kenny Neice, Michael and Alexandra Nilsson, Timothy Owens, Craig and Jill Padover, Paul Passaretti, Maureen Peters, Joan Philips, Roman and Olga Podprika, Paulina Pollack, Leslie Raynor, Jonathan Sherman, Kelvan Smith, Paul and Kathleen Spivak, Lawrence Steiner, Kitty Stewart, Janet Swinburne, James Versocki, Kathy Wallach, Gregory and Pamela Winter, Willis Wright, Farrukh Zaidi


Our Mission

The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor (CSHH) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986. CSHH is dedicated to identifying and eliminating environmental threats to Hempstead Harbor and the surrounding communities. Our objective is to advance the public interest in protecting and restoring our local environment to its full ecological and economic potential.

The fundamental force behind CSHH’s efforts is the belief that concerned and informed citizens can make a difference in events that shape the future. We seek to increase awareness of environmental issues and promote a greater appreciation of the local environment. Most important, the public is encouraged to participate in local conservation issues.


What we are up to!

December 2020

December 2Final Glenwood Habitat Restoration Project meeting
December 7 Long Island Sound Futures Fund Award Ceremony
December 8CSHH Staff meeting
December 10Long Island Sound Study CAC meeting
December 17TNH Town Board meeting
December 18Sustainable Shoreline webinar
Happy Holidays!Office closed December 23-January 4

November 2020

November 16-20State of the Science for Offshore Wind Energy
November 17Long Island Sound Water Monitoring Work Group meeting
November 18HHPC meeting
November 30 USGS Demonstration of UV/VR (unvegetated and vegetated marsh)

October 2020

October 6Press conference on 2020 Long Island Sound Report Card
October 7, 14, 21, 28Water monitoring, core program for Hempstead Harbor
October 7, 14, 21, 28Water monitoring, Tappen Marina monitoring program
October 13, 27Water monitoring, Long Island Sound Unified Water Study
October 13LIS marsh conservation webinar
October 14HHPC meeting

September 2020

September 3, 9, 16, 23, 30Water monitoring, core program for Hempstead Harbor
September 3, 9, 16, 23, 30Water monitoring, Tappen Marina monitoring program
September 4, 17, 29Water monitoring, Long Island Sound Unified Water Study
September 8Meeting at Glen Cove STP re: area storm drains and discharges
September 9HHPC meeting
September 10Meeting of LISS Citizens Advisory Committee and Science and Technical Advisory Committee
September 17Unified Water Study meeting on data from LIS bays
September 21
Meeting in Glenwood Landing re: possible Powerhouse Drain filtration system
September 22CSHH Board of Directors meeting
September 27Final soil tests for the Glenwood Landing Habitat Restoration Program
September 30 University of CT sponsored on LIS data-sharing platform

August 2020

August 5, 12, 19, 26Water monitoring, core program for Hempstead Harbor
August 5, 12, 19, 26Water monitoring, Tappen Marina monitoring program
August 6, 18Water monitoring, Long Island Sound Unified Water Study
August 6Water monitoring, macrophyte assessment for Unified Water Study
August 13Nassau County Hempstead Bay monitoring demonstration meeting
August 31Meeting examining bacteria data from shoreline outfalls

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