Our Mission

The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor (CSHH) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986. CSHH is dedicated to identifying and eliminating environmental threats to Hempstead Harbor and the surrounding communities. Our objective is to advance the public interest in protecting and restoring our local environment to its full ecological and economic potential.

The fundamental force behind CSHH’s efforts is the belief that concerned and informed citizens can make a difference in events that shape the future. We seek to increase awareness of environmental issues and promote a greater appreciation of the local environment. Most important, the public is encouraged to participate in local conservation issues.


Read more about keeping our beaches beautiful and safe here. 


What we are up to!

May 2021

May 3Sea Cliff Board of Trustees Conference Meeting
May 6SoMAS lecture on Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program
May 15Sea Cliff Beach cleanup
May 18CSHH startup of UWS monitoring for Hempstead Harbor
CSHH Board of Directors meeting
May 19CSHH startup of core monitoring for Hempstead Harbor
CSHH startup of monitoring of Tappen Marina
May 20 Joint North Shore Protection Committees meeting

April 2021

April 6 Glen Cove Pre-Council Meeting
Glen Cove Planning Board Hearing
April 7Sea Cliff Budget Meeting
April 8Glen Cove IDA Special Board Meeting
April 12Sea Cliff Budget Public Hearing
April 13Long Island Sound Futures Fund webinar
Glen Cove IDA/LEAC Meeting
Glen Cove City Council Meeting
Roslyn Board of Trustees
April 14Meeting on Local Water-Related Infrastructure Projects
HHPC meeting
April 15Glen Cove BZA Board of Appeals Hearing
April 19CSHH selected as Altar'd State's recipient organization for Mission Mondays (through June 29)
April 20Meeting, western north shore bay protection committees
Meeting with Residents Forward
Oyster Bay Town Board
Glen Cove Pre-Council Meeting, 6:30pm
Glen Cove Planning Board Hearing, 7:30pm
April 22Town of North Hempstead Board Meeting
April 24Scudder's Pond cleanup
April 27Glen Cove CDA Meeting
Glen Cove City Council Meeting

March 2021

March 3, 17, 31Water monitoring, core winter program for Hempstead Harbor
March 4NYS DEC TMDL update for Hempstead Harbor
March 9Glen Cove City Council meeting
March 10HHPC meeting
March 16CSHH presentation to members of St. Luke's Episcopal Church
March 23Public Scope meeting re: Southern Land Development Proposal
March 24CSHH Board of Directors meeting

February 2021

February 1CSHH Marketing Committee meeting
February 2CSHH Board of Directors meeting
February 11CSHH Marketing Committee meeting
February 16Glen Cove Planning Board meeting
February 17Water monitoring, core winter program for Hempstead Harbor
February 18LISS Water Monitoring Work Group meeting
CSHH presentation to Shore Road Neighbors
February 19Meeting, w/DC congressional staffers re: Hempstead Harbor restoration efforts
February 23CSHH Moving Day
Glen Cove City Council meeting
February 25Southern Land PW Development Proposal presentation

January 2021

January 6, 20Water monitoring, core winter program for Hempstead Harbor
January 6 HHPC meeting
January 19Glen Cove Planning Board meeting
January 20Special water-sample collection for Powerhouse Drain Subwatershed
January 21CSHH staff meeting
TNH Council meeting
January 26Meeting, Fuss & O'Neill, re: 2020 Annual Water-Monitoring Report
Glen Cove City Council meeting
January 27CSHH Finance Committee meeting
January 28CSHH Relevant Issues Committee meeting
January 31CSHH Governance Committee meeting

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