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CSHH members celebrate New York’s plastic-bag ban, Michelle Lapinel McAllister and Leslie Raynor (left to right)

Over the years, CSHH has served on various policy and planning committees, such as the master-plan committees for Nassau County and the City of Glen Cove as well as review committees for the Scudder’s Pond Restoration Plan, the Glenwood Road/Powerhouse Drain Stormwater Pollution Abatement Plan, and the Town of Oyster Bay Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.

More recently, CSHH has served as a member of NYS Department of Conservation’s work groups on data sharing and creation of new pathogen total maximum daily loads for local water bodies and Nassau County’s Nine Element Plan for nitrogen-reduction efforts. CSHH has also worked with local environmental agencies and municipalities in addressing storm water runoff and unusual or illicit discharges from local outfalls as well as in nitrogen-reduction efforts under the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan.

Public officials join CSHH in Earth Day rally at Tappen Beach Park to oppose offshore drilling

CSHH’s advocacy efforts include letter-writing campaigns, phone calls and visits to local public officials, and organizing or attending rallies and meetings that are intended to elicit support for environmental protection at both a local and regional level. For example, CSHH organized an Earth Day rally in 2019 to oppose offshore drilling and seismic blasting. CSHH has also joined other members of the Long Island Sound Study’s Citizens Advisory Committee on bus rides to Washington, DC, to meet with Long Island Sound congressional reps. The purpose of those trips is to describe the work that has been done to improve water quality and habitat in Long Island Sound and to ask for support in obtaining increased federal funding for this critical national estuary.



Additional Advocacy Efforts
  • climate change/sea level rise readiness

  • responsible waterfront development

  • stormwater abatement

  • protection of groundwater aquifer

  • remediation of drinking water contamination

  • plastic pollution prevention

  • nutrient and bacteria reduction in surface waters

  • expansion of certified shellfish areas in Hempstead Harbor

  • bionutrient extraction projects

  • habitat restoration projects