International Coastal Cleanup

Tappen Beach, September 16, 2017
Thanks to all of our volunteers!

As part of the International Coastal Cleanup, 25 CSHH volunteers showed up at Tappen Beach on September 16 to pick up paper wrappers, plastic straws, bottle caps, and other debris. The numbers and types of items collected were recorded on data sheets provided by the American Littoral Society, which is the New York State coordinator for the Coastal Cleanup.

Volunteers collected a total of 36 pounds of trash that included 932 cigarette butts, 276 plastic pieces, 274 food wrappers/pieces, 254 glass pieces, 135 bottle caps (plastic and metal), 103 straws, and various other plastic and paper food-related items, packaging materials, and fishing gear.

By removing debris from the beach, we help protect fish, birds, and other wildlife from being entangled in trash or ingesting plastic and foam pieces that can be mistaken as food.

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