Help Ban the Beads! Support the Microbeads-Free Waters Act

Microbeads, the tiny plastic beads used as abrasives in a wide variety of personal-care products are showing up in surface waters from the Great Lakes to Long Island Sound. They are washed down drains and pass through wastewater- treatment plants into our waterways. The beads soak up pollutants and are mistaken as food by marine life. They are passed up the food chain to larger fish, wildlife, and ultimately humans. See results of a study just released by the NY State Attorney General’s Office at .

Microbeads are making the problem of plastic pollution worse. The Microbead-Free Waters Act (S. 3932/A. 5896) will solve the problem in New York! The Microbead-Free Waters Act is bipartisan legislation that will ban all plastic microbeads in personal care products in New York. The legislation will phase-out the use of plastic microbeads in a timely manner, and will ensure that manufacturers do not switch to other nonbiodegradable abrasives as a replacement, thereby continuing the cycle of damage to our environment.

CSHH has joined with other environmental organizations to press our legislators to pass the Microbead-Free Waters Act in this legislative session. We need your help. See below and fill out the form to forward letters to your elected officials supporting the Microbead-Free Waters Act.

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