Harbor Clean-a-Thon!

Welcome to the Coalition to the Save Hempstead Harbor’s first harborwide Clean-a-Thon!

In the ongoing effort to keep Hempstead Harbor and its shoreline clean and free of debris, we invite you to join in with family and friends to go out and collect some trash and have an opportunity to win prizes and support local businesses with your efforts! This is a great activity for individuals, boaters, kayakers, families, and any group you feel comfortable with. We encourage you to row or sail on the harbor or visit harborside beaches, parks, and even the streets in search of trash.

To participate in this community effort, download a Bingo card. As you find the corresponding items, take a selfie, post to either Instagram or Facebook, and let us know when you get BINGO! If you are not on social media, you can print a Bingo card and email us as you go.

The attached letter can be emailed to your friends, family, or place of business to sponsor you as you complete your card and achieve Bingo. You can make this a fun competition between neighbors and friends to see who can earn more in sponsors.

Participants who raise $100 (or more!) in sponsors AND achieve BINGO will win a CSHH Bundle of Swag: CSHH beanie, sticker, and magnet. The Clean-a-Thon will officially end on Saturday, September 26, and winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and our website.

The participating businesses referred to on the Bingo card can be found on our website or Facebook page. Check back throughout the month as the list gets updated for special deals and promotions. For those squares on the Bingo board, simply go into a participating business and purchase something; a meal, a drink, a birthday gift, or a CSHH sticker, take a selfie, post it and check that box off!

Although CSHH will not be coordinating the International Coastal Cleanup this month, for those who have participated in previous years, you can still help by filling out a coastal cleanup data sheet. Each sheet we receive will be forwarded to our International Coastal Cleanup Beach Captain for a complete tally of items from Hempstead Harbor.

Thank you for your support, happy hunting, and good luck getting BINGO!


Here is a letter you can print and sign for sponsorship!

Here is a list of the participating businesses!


Find bingo cards below!

Harbor Cleanup Bingo Board 1

Harbor Cleanup Bingo Board 2

Harbor Cleanup Bingo Board 3

Harbor Cleanup Bingo Board 4

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