Army Corps of Engineers Sea Barriers Plan

HATS Presentation for Great Neck, NY on 24 Oct 19

NY & NJ Harbor & Tributaries Focus Area Feasibility Study (HATS)


Artificial Turf Fields

Crumb Rubber Turf Could Pose Cancer Risk

Index for Turf-Related News & Updates

Israel Seeks Health Study of Synthetic Turf Fields

Safety of Artificial Turf

Trouble-Plagued Turf Is in Tri-State Public Schools & Parks



Composting Resources – Cornell Cooperative Extension

Home Composting – Suffolk County



Garbage Incinerators Make Comeback, Kindling Garbage Debate



Suffolk Tests Peconic Estuary Site After Massive Fish Kill

Chemical in Tires Is Found in Stormwater Runoff and Linked to Salmon Kill


Food Regulation

PBS – The Poison Squad



Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

HuffPost Fracking News


Lawn Care

Join Us In Protecting Our Water Resources


Long Island Sound Cable Leak

Barges to Repair Damaged Cable Near Hempstead Harbor

Failed Power Cable to LI Leaking Fluid into the Sound

LIS Cable Oil Spill


Marine Mammals

Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals



Ban Sought on Microbeads in Beauty Items

Microbead Ban Pushed by Local Officials

Water Contamination Brings A.G. Microbead Ban Proposal


NYS Law on Climate Change

New York to Approve One of the World’s Most Ambitious Climate Plans

New York Climate Law Aims to Drive Dramatic Changes Over Next 30 Years


Ocean Acidification

How Growing Sea Plants Can Help Slow Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification – Woods Hole Oceanographic

What Is Ocean Acidification? – NOAA


Ocean Conservation

Ocean Trash Plaguing Our Sea

The Role of Oceans in Climate Change

Hudson Canyon Could Be the Newest National Marine Sanctuary


Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling

Governor Cuomo and Nine Other Governors Oppose Seismic Airgun Surveys

Long Island Business Report—Impact of Offshore Drilling on the Local Economy

Oceans Are Getting Louder, Posing Potential Threats to Marine Life

President Obama Bans Oil Drilling in Atlantic

Secretary Zinke Announces Plan to Unleash Drilling for Oil and Gas Reserves

Seismic Airgun Blasting Overview


Plastic Pollution

Bag-It Documentary—The Impact of Plastic Bags and Other Plastics

Plastic Ocean Pollution—The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Power Plants

Despite State Policy, LI Power Plants Continue to Damage Aquatic Life


Report Cards

Eco Health Report Cards—LIS

LIS, Norwalk Harbor, and Inner Hempstead Harbor Report Cards Released

University of Maryland Scientific Report Database


Sea-Level Rise Impact on NYC

PBS – Sinking Cities: New York



Outer Harbor Reopens to Rush of Harvesters

A Victory for the Environment – Hempstead Harbor

State Officials Reopen Hempstead Harbor to Shellfishing – News 12, June 2011


Water Quality

1,4-dioxane Has Turned Up in Drinking Water

2019 Consumer Shopping Guide 1,4-dioxane

2019 LI Clean Water Conference – 1,4-dioxane

Contaminants in Long Island Water Database



EPA – LI Tungsten Five-Year Review Report No 3 – FINAL (Signed 9-30-15)

Glen Cove Awarded $600,00 for Waterfront Recreational Project

Glen Cove Considers Retaining Some Waterfront Land for Park

Glen Cove IDA Hearing on Garvies Point

Glen Cove IDA Tax Breaks Generated Fewest Jobs in State in 2012

Glen Cove Planning Board Advances Waterfront Project

Glen Cove Transfer Waterfront Parcel Slated for Development

Nassau County Pledges $12 Million Toward New Sewers in Glen Cove

Newsday – Glen Cove Waterfront Development

SCV & Residents Lose Appeal to Halt Construction of Garvies Point



Coyotes Might Prowl Long Island Within Decades

Fish & Turtle Die-Offs Spark Concern on East End

New York’s Coyotes

Trio of Beluga Whales Spotted Off Coasts of New York